HR Solutions Partner



Our employment services are designed to specifically ensure we deliver convenient, cost-effective and flexible solutions.

At Stratogo we come with the promise of flexibility, this refers to our flexibility in staffing which gives our clients the opportunity to upscale or downscale employees based on business demands. We believe that insight informs excellence and to ensure this we take all the measurements we can to ensure a positive experience for both client and employee by providing tailored workforce solutions. Whilst you the client is responsible for the Supervision of the employee on the job, Stratogo would still be the primary employer and responsible for all the HR processes.

HR Matters

Stratogo experts have the ability to assist employers and businesses in a number of areas and are fully prepared and equipped to provide their valuable expertise with regards to UIF claims, grants and other human capital / HR related requirements.


As per the Presidents Nationwide Lockdown, we will still be delivering and servicing our clients to the highest standards possible given the circumstances. If you have an urgent matter please email us at For more information on COVID – 19 in South Africa visit