Are you considering doing business in Africa?

At Stratogo we comply with the following steps:

Clear, Consistent Communication - This is the first step toward a successful relationship. Excellent communication with your partners keeps everyone focused on the goals and intentions of the relationship at hand.
Define the purpose of the relationship - Some relationships are for projects, while others may be ongoing solutions. Establish a mission statement for the relationship that will allow for consistency during transitions.
Stay consistent. Whether its meeting schedules, engagement policies or payments, we always keep our engagements consistent and true.

Stratogo-Africa can assist your business in efficiently bridging the gap between you and your business in Africa, ensuring that you are able to focus on your core operations with minimal interruption.

Traditionally Stratogo solely focussed on the provision of staffing and recruitment services throughout Africa, but have strategically expanded its service offerings in this market to include:

Employment, Outsourcing and Payrolling

Facilities Management

Financial Services

Shipping of personal and business needs

Expat management

Accommodation Services

Visa & Immigration Services *

*Personal Criteria

Whatever your requirements, Stratogo is able to provide you with customized business and people solutions in most countries on the African continent.

Stratogo Customers are diverse in nature and range from blue-chip corporates to tech giants, to entrepreneurs wanting to make waves in the African Market.

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As per the Presidents Nationwide Lockdown, we will still be delivering and servicing our clients to the highest standards possible given the circumstances. If you have an urgent matter please email us at For more information on COVID – 19 in South Africa visit