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Stratogo is one of the largest temporary and permanent employment services companies in South Africa

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Permanent Employment

Permanent employment is the cornerstone of any recruitment agency and Stratogo is no different. Where we are different however is through our speed and efficiency in how we supply these services. We assist organizations across South Africa to source specialized skills in a variety of industry sectors, for critical roles.

At Stratogo we have a talent network set up to aid the recruitment process which results in more accurate placement. For employers, this means you have access to Talent not found on traditional recruitment avenues , for employment seekers, this means you have access to discerning employers, who are serious about recruiting the right person for the job. We also put a lot attention on the candidate experience during the screening process as it is important to us that every individual receives personalized feedback so that satisfaction with the service is ensured.

We also understand the severity of bad employment for employers as a bad hiring decision can equal 30% of the individuals first year- potential earnings. Through working closely with both parties our goal is to ensure longevity and success for both parties.


Temporary Employment

Our temporary employment services are designed to specifically ensure we deliver convenient, cost effective and flexible solutions as well as compliance with current legislation.

Our temporary staffing comes with the promise of flexibility, this refers to our flexibility in staffing which gives our clients the opportunity to upscale or downscale employees based on business demands. At Stratogo we believe that insight informs excellence and to ensure this we take all the measurements we can to ensure a positive experience for both client and employee by providing tailored workforce solutions. Our ‘Can do - Will do - Will fit’ staff matching process to ensure the right candidate is placed with the client. Whilst the client is responsible for the Supervision of the employee on the job, Stratogo would still be the primary employer and responsible for all the HR processes.

What makes Stratogo’s formula of recruitment different to others is that we strive to make the experience personalised for both parties which over time has proven to be successful.



Staffing, Recruitment and Outsourced Services Throughout Africa

Insight Informs Excellence

Outsourced Managed Services

There is a growing trend for companies wishing to focus on their core businesses, to outsource non-core functions to specialised service providers. Our experience in staff placement and onsite management has led Stratogo to introduce a new Outsourced Managed Service, which is aimed at ensuring that we add value through the reduction of costs, production efficiencies and streamlined operations.

Outsourcing work is a tried-and-tested model and is recognized as a long-term competitive strategy for success. It allows you to focus on your core competencies & redirect your organization's internal resources toward mission-critical activities. This allows you to continue operations as per normal whilst we provide whatever service you may need and make sure it is done to the best of its ability.

As a Functional Service Provider Stratogo aligns its resources with customers’ needs to ensure quality delivery. We aim to become an integrated component of our customer organisations by having dedicated teams tasked with delivering a measurable output.

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Stratogo takes full responsibility for specific functions in line with agreed Service Level Agreement objectives as well as the related human resources administration element, and provide the skilled resources, supervision and management required to meet the client’s requirements.


Benefits of Outsourced Managed Services

Outsourced Payroll Administration


Stratogo serves to provide comprehensive payroll solutions to clients and employers in numerous African countries through our network of branches, affiliates and partners. We know how important payroll is to a business and we know that it can be difficult for some organisations to navigate around the complicated monthly process, whether they are a local business or international with no registration in Africa with our Outsourced Payroll Administration, we provide centralised payroll functions with a dedicated single point of contact that ensures timeous recurring salary payments.

Our Outsourced Payroll Administration include:

  • Completion, submission and payment of benefit returns and contributions in accordance to the legislation of each African country.
  • Timeous recurring salary payments on a set date of your choice.
  • Management of 3rd party payments and reimbursements.
  • Tailored service level agreements to manage quality activities.
  • Payments of employee NETT earnings to any country in the world where permissible by local legislation.

As per the Presidents Nationwide Lockdown, we will still be delivering and servicing our clients to the highest standards possible given the circumstances. If you have an urgent matter please email us at info@stratogo.com. For more information on COVID – 19 in South Africa visit SAcoronavirus.co.za